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 BrettnerRudiparamedic1.1.171631.12.2200MUC MunichParamedic equipment and vaccum mattress,EKG/AED,Gelbfieber
 MussigVolkerparamedic14.9.100020.11.2400FRA Frankfurt 
 HildebrandDirkparamedic1.7.150023.12.2623BRE Bremenreg. nurse + emt-p (air rescue paramedic/HEMS-crew) Also airports Hamburg HAM, Hannover HAJ, Münster-Osnabrück FMO. Own IC/nursing equipment (incl. ECG, AED, SaO2), Vac.-matress + scoop stretcher

Hotline: +49-(0)171 8821869

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