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phototitlenamefirst_namequalificationfromfrom_houruntiluntil_hourhome_airportremarks Friedrichshafengeneral physician, emergency physician, languages: serbo-croatian, english, own emergency equipment, all vaccinations, incl. yellow fever
 LeppelmannChristophphysician14.1.111016.1.2420  from any other airport ! time to airport: Basel/Moulhouse (BSL) 50 min., Straßburg (SXB)1h, Frankfurt(FRA)2h, Zürich (ZRH)2h, Stuttgart (STR)2h 50min., Düsseldorf (DUS)4h
Dr.HupkeUwephysician2.7.071211.7.2409MUC Munich 
Dr.Martinez-PfirrmannMercedesphysician14.6.131830.6.2612MUC MunichLanguages: GB,F,E,D
Dr.GoetteChristinephysician6.7.160027.7.2600HAM Hamburg 
 Prof. Dr.HeroldManfredphysician25.9.061028.9.2412INN Innsbruck 

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