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LGB 21832 white pass and yukon 73 Steam Loco with sound

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LGB 28001 Ruegen steam loco 99 4633 DR Ep3 NIB

LGB 28001 Ruegen steam loco 99 4633 DR Ep3 NIB

Item description:

Between 1913 and 1925, Vulkan built three steam locos for the local Ruegen (Island in Germany) railway. Two of these locos still exist and are used on the scenic railroad tracks on Ruegen for tourist attraction. The model is richly detailed. Astonishingly, it clears LGB's smallest curve radius without slowing down speed in spite of it's 4 axles in a row. Put this beautifully designed black loco on your tracks and don't miss the original version of it on the island of Ruegen on your next trip to Germany! It is new, only removed from box for one test run. Item was testrun 12 feet to check for flaws (none found...), otherwise never left box. Also includes original box and all paperwork. Item is listed at $ 700 in US stores.

Add $ 40 (e.g. for USA) for international shipment and insurance

Loco in black and red, very detailed, very nice.

In spite of 4 axles in a row, the loco clears easily the smallest LGB track radius.

full light at low speed...

view from he front

view from the top: more details...

view from the rear.

This is what the loco looks like in he catalogue. © LGB

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