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LGB 21832 white pass and yukon 73 Steam Loco with sound

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LGB 20471 Ballenberg Rack Steam Loco, 1067 NIB

LGB 20471 Ballenberg Rack Steam Loco, 1067 NIB

Item description:


Between 1910 and 1926, the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works (SLM) built 17 of these fascinating HG 3/3 rack locos for the Brünigbahn and another four for the Berner Oberland-Bahnen. The rack mechanism runs in the opposite direction and faster than the wheel mechanism, creating an eye-catching effect. You can still see one of these locos today on the Ballenberg Dampfbahn.This LGB model is as intricate as the original, with a fully operational rack drive mechanism. Like all LGB rack locos, this model also can be used on regular track without racks. The rack mechanism enables the loco to climb grades up to 25% (which means that you can climb 1 foot on a distance of 4 feet...). Like in the prototype, rods and valve gear of the rack mechanism only move only when the loco is running on the cog rack.

Add $ 40 (e.g. for USA) for international shipment and insurance

View from the front / side. It is a very heavy engine...

left side...

view from rear / side

view from side

view from front

note full illumination in low speed...

view from the rear, very detailed interior...

Very elaborated and clever drive system... a masterpiece. Note red arrows pointing at the cog wheels...

ahem, I guess, I should have used the flash in this case....

The rail rack is n o t part of this auction.
The loco runs beautifully on any normal track. however, if it is supposed use its rack mechanism to climb very steep grades (up to 25%) (which means that you can gain a height of 1 foot on a distance of 4 feet...) pulling a lot of cars, you will need the LGB 10210 rack rails. Rack sections fit between the rails of most LGB track sections using 10220 holders. Each section is 300 mm long (exactely as long as the "normal" short straight LGB rail.) They are sold at LGB's in a set of 12 at a low price.

The rail rack holders are is n o t part of this auction.
Holders fit between the ties of most LGB track sections. Easy to install without removing track. available in any LGB store in a set of 24 at a very low price...

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