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LGB 21832 white pass and yukon 73 Steam Loco with sound

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LGB 20922 Garratt NGG13 Steam Loco, 60, Sound, LTD ED NIB

LGB 20922 Garratt NGG13 Steam Loco, 60, Sound, LTD ED NIB

Item description:

The following item is a new one. I am selling this item which is new in box because I am having several of them. The item was only testrun once to check for flaws.

Add $ 200 (e.g. for USA) for international shipment and insurance

20922 Garratt NGG13 Steam Loco, 60, Sound, Limited Edition
The Garratt design was an elegant solution to a difficult problem: How do you make the boiler bigger on a steam loco without interfering with the wheels underneath? Simple. Put the boiler between, not over, the wheels. Then put the fuel and water supplies over the articulated drive units. The result is a loco capable of pulling large loads on sharply curved lines.
This Limited Edition model is based on a Garratt built in Germany for the South African Railways and recently restored by the Swiss Schinznacher Baumschulbahn. Each model is handcrafted in metal by Aster Hobby of Japan, equipped with an LGB digital sound system and comes in a wooden and brass box. Loco comes with all papers, full documentation, track magnets, steam oil, lubrification oil, artificial coal to be glued on tender and a set of maintainance tools These replicas are not intended for foul-weather use, but they will negotiate the sharpest LGB "R1" curves. Production is limited to 600 models.

Add $ 200 (e.g. for USA) for international shipment and insurance

This loco comes with LGB famous sound system. Note the beautiful dark red color. Much better than in the original LGB picture. The writing on the front part of the tender reads "Drakensberg" (Dragon mountain), the famous mountains of South Africa...

Extremely detailed loco, everything is metal, brass, plastik. Inspite of its gigantic dimensions (almost 3 feet) it clears the smallest LGB radius without any problems.

This is not a toy! 14 pounds of metal, sharp edges, fantastic details. This is the most beautiful model LGB has ever built.

This picture is out of the catalogue of LGB. The real loco features a much nicer, darker red.

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