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LGB 21832 white pass and yukon 73 Steam Loco with sound

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LGB 21261DR Tender Steam Loco, 99 4652 NIB

LGB 21261DR Tender Steam Loco, 99 4652 NIB

Item description:

The following item is a new one. I am selling this item which is new in box because I am having several of them. The item was only testrun once to check for flaws.

Add $ 50 (e.g. for USA) for international shipment and insurance

For generations, vacationers have seen these locos in service on Rügen Island in the Baltic Sea. The locos were originally part of the Heeresfeldbahn (army field railway), but were transferred to various civilian lines in Germany after World War II. Later, when they were set to be scrapped, two of these locos were rescued by a railfan and converted into one new loco, named "NICKI + FRANK S." On special occasions, the restored loco can still be seen on Rügen Island, where it pulls a train lightheartedly known as the "Racing Roland. "With two motors, one in the engine and one in the tender, this LGB model has plenty of power. Open the doors to the illuminated cab, and you´ll find a detailed backhead, complete with valves and gauges, and an engineer. Item is brand new, run for 12 feet for pictures and to check for flaws (none found).Also includes original box and all paperwork. Item is listed at $ 600 in US stores.

Add $ 50 (e.g. for USA) for international shipment and insurance

View from side / front. colors: upper part. black, lower par: red, sparse brass decorations - very nice....

view from ront / side: crossing the big bridge.

View from the front with lights on

View from the side: tender and loco are interconnected with a cable to syncronize equal rpm's in both motors giving exceptional hauling power.

View rear / side: the richly detailed tender has a motor of his own. Tender wheels are made of steel. In case, this is not only for optical reasons it would mean the loco having 12 electricity pickups providing very smooth operation even on dirty tracks.

View from the rear. the tender has a motor of it's own and is quiet heavy. Note full illumination at low speed.

Details, sliding door in the back of the cabin.

Detail: the platform between loco and tender can be folded up to give access to interconnecting cable.

very detailed interior, lots of gauges etc. The driver works inside the cabin, (LGB Moguls: driver works behind cabin on the tender)

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