the following providers offer patient transport capacity or the following enterprises need a patient repatriation

....airports should be searched using the ICAO or IATA Airport code
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CodeDescriptionProviderID_Nofrom_countryto_countryfrom_stateto_statefrom_cityto_cityDepartureArrival ^DiagnosisCapacity1Capacity2Med_Crew
offerAir-AmbulanceAAA Air Ambulance Network USAUSANY / NEW YORKFL / FLORIDA  17/Aug/0718/Aug/07 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceAAA Air Ambulance Network USAUSATX / TEXASMS / MISSISSIPPI  16/Aug/0717/Aug/07 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceAAA Air Ambulance Network USAUSAWA / WASHINGTONTN / TENNESSEE  16/Aug/0717/Aug/07 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceCanadian Global Air Ambulance USAAfrica    31/Dez/0601/Jan/07 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceCanadian Global Air Ambulance USAEurope    31/Dez/0601/Jan/07 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceAAA Air Ambulance Network USAUSANJ / NEW JERSEYTX / TEXAS  16/Dez/0616/Dez/06 Patient (Stretcher)  
offerAir-AmbulanceCanadian Global Air Ambulance AfricaEurope    12/Dez/0613/Dez/06 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceCanadian Global Air Ambulance AfricaUSA    12/Dez/0613/Dez/06 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceCanadian Global Air Ambulance Middle EastUSA    05/Dez/0606/Dez/06 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para
offerAir-AmbulanceCanadian Global Air Ambulance EuropeUSA    05/Dez/0606/Dez/06 Patient (Stretcher) Doc+Para